Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Watch the 10 Best 80’s Karate Movies

If you love Karate, then you must watch the 10 best 80’s Karate movies. Although these movies may seem offbeat and outdated, everyone will fall in love with their storylines instantly. Let’s look into these 10 best 80’s Karate movies.
  1. “The Karate Kid” A young man named Daniel has no choice but to relocate due to his mother’s new job in LA. Daniel likes Ali the cheerleader, and it upsets her ex-boyfriend, Johnny. Johnny and his friends bully Daniel on occasions using Karate. Afterwards, Daniel’s apartment maintenance guy named Mr. Miyagi teaches him Karate. Johnny and Sensei Kreese are eventually defeated by Daniel in the tournament.
  2. “The Karate Kid, Part II” Per his mother’s arrangement, Daniel will stay with Mr. Miyagi. Daniel travels with Miyagi to see his dying father in Okinawa. While Mr. Miyagi reunites with Yukie, his true love, Daniel is attracted to her niece, Kumiko. Daniel utilizes advanced Karate to end all the chaos that Mr. Miyagi’s love enemy, Sato, and his nephew, Chozen, have brought to Yukie’s village.
  3. “The Karate Kid, Part III” Back in LA, Daniel assists Mr. Miyagi to open his bonsai store. Daniel meets his new love, Jessica, at a pottery store. To regain fame for his school, Sensei Kreese sends two of his guys, Terry and Mike, to ruin Mr. Miyagi’s store as a threat for Daniel’s participation for the latest tournament. Daniel brings Mike down with Mr. Miyagi’s kata.
  4. “Sakura Ninjas” Two ninjas sneak into a highly secured chemical plant in order to steal a top secret video tape. Since they are very slick, the guard is unable to catch them. Once “The Colonel” gets this news, he then assigns his two assistants, Dennis and Sonny, to go undercover for retrieving the tape.  
  5. “American Ninja” An American ninja named Private Joe Armstrong saves the Colonel’s daughter from some villains on the base. The officers want him out because he fails to take their orders. The head of the ninja army seeks revenge from the private for ruining his plan. The private wins all the battles.
  6. “Bloodsport” Sensei Tanaka’s son, Shingo, is killed in the kumite. Frank Dux, an American martial artist who has been their long time friend, wants revenge for Shingo. After Dux’s serious demands, Sensei finally trains him as part of his clan. To honor the wish of his deceased Sensei, Dux enters the kumite in Hong Kong. Dux beats down all the contestants, including Chong Li, the fiercest fighter.
  7. “Best of the Best” Alexander, Walter, Tommy, Travis, Virgil, and Sonny are the six American martial arts experts to participate in the international tournament against the Korean team. Coach Couzo realizes that each guy has his own struggles to deal with throughout the training. For revenge, Tommy focuses on beating down Dae Han, the Korean team captain who is his brother’s killer.
  8. “The Last Dragon” Leroy, aka Bruce Leroy, a teenage martial arts student who wants to be the next Bruce Lee. To make this dream come true, he must reach “The Final Level” for “The Glow”, a supernatural power that a real martial artist would have. Leroy must have to fight for it through a tough journey. 
  9. “No Retreat, No Surrender” Jason learns Karate from his father at his dojo in LA. Out of the blue, some gangsters attack them, and the father gets a broken leg from the boss named Ivan. After relocating to Seattle, Jason’s life gets even worse with the street thugs. Jason’s training with Bruce Lee’s ghost enables him to beat Ivan.  
  10. “No Retreat, No Surrender 2” A Karate student named Scott is heading to Thailand to save his fiancé who is kidnapped by the Russian troops. The rescue goes south, and he runs into his old buddy named Mac at a strip club. When the police are about to arrest Scott at Mac’s place, a female pilot named Terry saves both of them with her helicopter.

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